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Dear Operation SAM,

Just a note to say "Thank You" for your efforts.  It seems one of you packages made it's way into one of the offices I now use here at the Baghdad International Airport with the US Air Force.  It's an older package, maybe from the holidays a year or so ago but the items in it and the letter of support attached to it are still time worthy for me to note and let you know that your efforts are appreciated by us over here in Iraq.
Please also note that there was a hand drawn card from an "Austin" from Dallas Christian school - please tell Austin (if you know the child) that we appreciate the note and the prayers.
Give our thanks to your group there in Livermore, your efforts are certainly appreciated.
Warren Johnson, MSgt, USAF
Sather AB, Baghdad International Airport, Iraq


The Marines of Cherokee 1/5 have received the care pkgs you have sent. It is really appreciated that we have fine Americans like yourself that support us. Sleep well at night, we are on that wall!!!!

1stSgt Green
Charlie Company 1/5
"Cherokee 8"
"Make Peace or Die" 5/17/2011

Good evening Operation SAM!
I just received two care packages....I must reinforce what I wrote last time...your care packages are by-far one of the best care packages I have ever received!  The healthy protein bars, organic bean soups, outstanding Christmas music CD, and absolutely wonderful cards plus "mini-book" of well wishes from the 5th graders at Janson Elementary in Rosemead!  We loved them all --- we appreciate their thoughts and creative illustrations of military service --- please do pass along this message to all of them!
- KC Chhipwadia
  LCDR       USN


Hi, my name is Spc Penaserrano, I recently received a care package. This is the first care package I received, as a matter of fact, this is the first thing I received since we deployed and it made me extremely glad and brought my morale up. When I opened the care package the first thing I saw were the valentines homemade cards made by the kids and I realized that while we are over here we tend to forget about our holidays and what day it is because we are constantly busy. Having you guys sending me things like this remind me more of home and the holidays.  I am pleased that we have people like you at home that care about us, I applaud and thank you for your gratitude, I am lucky and honored to be an AMERICAN SOLDIER.

Dearest Operation Sam Volunteers,

Hello again from Afghanistan! I just received another wonderful care package from you. I spread some of the goodies around, which were appreciated by all. The materials are always nice, but the letters and cards mean the most. Please let the people know that contributed to the package and who did not supply an address, how much I appreciate the time it took to write to me.  You guys do wonderful work. We are all doing well  here at Camp Leatherneck and we really cannot complain about the accommodations. We have it much better that our brothers at remote outpost. What we have in excess, we make sure to share with them. My group and I will be headed home in the next few months. It will my very welcomed. I love seeing addresses from California! As I may have mentioned before, I am from Las Vegas and went to medical school in Southern California (Pomona). I miss the  West Coast dearly. At this point, I just miss the US! Well, bless you all and take care.

Very respectfully,


Good Morning,

I received your box and shared it with many men/women as well as both Marines and Sailors. The women loved the Whey Protein and Power Bars that were specifically for them. And they are loving the 100 Calorie Hershey Crisps, they said as long as they have those candy bars are out the window. LOL! I also appreciate the 6 star Whey Protein, I haven’t had any luck in getting any over here, so this will last me at least a month if not more. The Picture Puzzle is 1 of the few things that I kept for myself, before I go to sleep now I try and do @ 3 of them, they are great! The oatmeal, pop tarts/ power Bars/ coffee/PB M&Ms/ etc. were a huge hit with the marines/sailors, they are still eating the heck out of it all. 1 of the marines sent 1 of the CD greeting cards to his wife for a birthday card, I had never seen those before, they are very cool. Everything was used and is being used, once I am done with the picture puzzle I will be giving it to another so they can enjoy as much as I have. Thank you again very much, it’s nice having groups like yourselves sending us care packages, they help out more then you could ever imagine. Thank you again and have a great rest of your week!

RP2 Norman Otters  5/17/2011

Good Evening Wonderful People,
Samuel is my finance, he's a Medic overseas, he loves any kind of nuts and he's a happy person.  Well the happy person part is still up and coming, but with your help, he will believe that things can be Happy, and I do truly appreciate that about you wonderful people.  Samuel used to work for Comcast before deploying, might you folks be the same company that we enjoyed wonderful bundle services in Portland, Oregon?  If so, thank you so much for making a soldier smile while a million miles away from home. 
How I found out about you was I've been deployed twice overseas and the first time nothing was set up because it was the beginning, but going back a year an half later, things really was set in place for soldiers and on my 2nd tour overseas, is when I got to know the Operation SAM.  I am in transportation, so when you are always gone and missing home, it means the world when you come back to your rack after a 3 week mission and there is a box for you to open.  It always made me smile and I would love to return the favor to my Samuel and his people that cover him, when he is performing his Medic duties.  
God Bless you and the wonderful people that help make any of this possible, and know that you and your organization really touch American Soldiers Hearts!!!Thank you once again,
Shantina Gandall

Morning Operation:S.A.M.,

I have to share with you that when I saw Adam this
past week he showed me a blanket that someone from Op
Sam sent to him that he used the whole time he was in
Iraq. He said that it was his security blanket and it
came in handy on more than one occasion to keep him
warm. He said that it had never been washed.
We will keep that blanket in our family for a long
time to come so that we never forget how our acts of
kindness help others in ways that we may never know.

Many Blessings,

Subject: Care packages

I would like to thank you on behalf of my men for the care packages that  were sent out recently from you. It is so nice to know that true Americans are supporting us and that we are loved by people who care.   We were able to use the socks, cleaning snake for our weapon, and of course the candy and goodies. Our morale went up 200% thanks to  you........thank you again and God bless you all...  

Jeremie Chapin Team Sergeant FB Mogensen

Operation S.A.M.,
I want to thank you for all the support that you have given to me and my Marines out here in Afghanistan. Your packages always bring a little piece of home to a crazy world over here. I am so proud of an organization like SAM that is from near my home town (Sacramento) and from near where I recruited out for 4 years (Tracy and Manteca).  The Marines have loved everything that you guys have sent and love to know that Northern California still supports them.

Everything out here at Camp Leatherneck is ok. Extremely hot 113, but not like the valley hot, it seems like it is around 130. The Marines are still putting in 10-12 hour a day and not complaining at all, you would be proud how your Marines keep on going without missing a beat. I am proud to lead your Marines out here and want you to know that they are in good spirits and good health.

SSgt Isaiah A. Kirk
MWCS-28 Data Chief

" I've done what others have failed to do and become what must fear to become."

From: "Krumenacker Capt Paul A (AAMNF 4th Tank BN, Platoon CMDR)"

Dear Virginia ("Livermore Granny") and friends at Operation Sam,

Wow!... First, my troops and I would like to thank you. You have
humbled us with your incredible generosity and kindness. We were
overwhelmed when we received your package. Your letter and all items you
sent were very thoughtful and appreciated. They have helped us endure
the long missions and made us feel that much closer to home when got
them. You have made a bunch of Marines very, very happy. We have all
been enjoying the things you sent. Yes, we are sharing, with each other.

It makes our job so much more rewarding and easier when we know
we have the backing of the people back home.

Here is a power point of some photos of our platoon. We had some
fun with some of the Christmas things that were sent to us from home.

We are currently on an extended patrol (45+) days, where the
stuff you sent will come in very handy. (I will respond to any e-mail
correspondence when we return from the desert in mid January.) I am at
the FOB on a maintenance pause and am able to send this out.

When we are on patrol we take great pleasure when we are able to
take a pause in our offensive operations. During these times we walk
along side of our tanks and interact with the people. They all seem to
love the tanks, especially the children. When we go through the town
they all come out to look, wave and say hello. That's when we share with
them some of the things you sent. They seem to enjoy the treats a great

We are a U.S. Marine combat battle tank platoon. We operate in
the M-1A1 Abrams main battle tank. The platoon is currently executing
missions in Iraq. For some of us this is our first time here but, for
most of us this is our second and even third deployment for Operation
Iraqi Freedom in support of the war against terrorism. We are very proud
to be here and happy to serve our country and the good people like
yourselves. As Marines we have some big shoes to fill and are trying to
uphold the traditions of The Corps and continue to bring honor to the
Marine name. We understand freedom isn't free and are here to defend it
wherever it is threatened.

Most of the men from our unit are from California and have heard
of the "Wine Country in Livermore"

Take heart that your generosity and good will have gone much
appreciated and are being put to good use. Your efforts helped motivate
us and reinstall the good faith in the Iraqi people. Make no mistake, we
are winning this war and making further progress everyday. Your efforts
were extremely generous and selfless and helped us on the road to
victory. Thank you once again, we appreciate your support.

Semper Fi
Capt Paul Krumenacker. USMC