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Operation:S.A.M. is a non-profit organization dedicated to showing support for our troops deployed all over the world.

Our small way of showing our appreciation is to send the active members of our military a small but mighty "Comfort Package" brimming with items from home to help remind them that we are thinking of them and supporting their efforts...

All of the items included in these packages have been generously donated by individuals, small companies and corporations who care...

Won't you please show your support by remembering our Military Heroes!


Military Chaplains in Iraq and Afghanistan, assist in the distribution of our "Comfort Packages" to our troops that receive little or no mail from home. 

Operation: S.A.M. is an extended family for some and the only family for many. They need your support.


This letter of encouragement accompanies all packages sent to the troops:

A Message of Encouragement

Please accept this token of our heartfelt appreciation for your outstanding devotion to our country.

Our group extends a fond hello and prays for your safety and timely return.

We are so proud of you all and every day we count our blessings for living in the "Home of the Brave" - a phrase you all reinforce by your unselfish display of heroism and for placing yourself in harm's way...

Our group feels so strongly about keeping the "Comfort Packages" flowing effortlessly, we decided to broaden our horizons by uniting with our local Veterans of Foreign Wars. The VFW allows us to strengthen our versatility to all our currently deployed as well as all Veterans, home and abroad.

Our group is committed to supporting you until you are all home. Please take a moment when you open your package and feel the respect and love packed by Operation:S.A.M. and remember we think of you often.

Although we are not physically there, we are always with you in spirit.
Be assured you will never be forgotten.

Dedicated to you, take care and be safe...